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A global concept for a fundamental objective: All involved with health

Who is our patient

People with neurological disability as a result of some kind of Acquired Brain Injury . It has also been successfully tested patients with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson .

We Understand your Problem

Many patients do not have access to such intense rehabilitation as required in the first months , keys to recovery . The family keeps waiting , not knowing what to do to help .

We offer

A tool that rehabilitates from home and / or clinic , from the first minute.
Video mechanics to motivate the patient.
objective assessment of the improvement process .
permanent and updated information of the rehabilitation process .
Their families actively participate in the process without affecting your routine.
economic and simple solution objectively .
Tool Quantitative Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatments.

What is Neurobia Research

It is a web platform that integrates the following modules:

Motor evaluation module

Uses three-dimensional motion sensors. Under the supervision of a technician records the movement of the joints of interest while performing maneuvers motor . It detects , locates and accurately measures motor deficits .

Virtual Rehabilitation

It is an avatar that is added to the stage where the patient is and that fits its size. Overlaying both avatars, virtual rehabilitator indicates the correct way to execute a maneuver, asking the patient to try to follow as best you can.

Module rehabilitation

It consists of exercises that the patient performs interacting with the screen through the Kinect motion capture device . Through games, the patient interaction with motor, cognitive and / or language exercises arises.

  • Gracia Castro
    Gracia CastroCEO de Neurobia

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